About Us

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“We are a small but highly perspective B2C and B2B company that specializes in delivering technology solutions to your business and needs. Our greatest disadvantage is that we are annoyingly dedicated to what we do and we won’t stop until we get our clients happy.”

George Kotsev, Managing Director BWT

We work on all sorts of web- based projects, from small requests to building projects from scratch.

To help you get the whole picture clear – we can create a SEO campaign for your website, do the quality control and testing, do the dirty work of migrating your website or its content, proofread it, or entirely build your website!

You will find more of our services here.

We posses all the resources, capability  and proven specialists to do so.

And that’s not the end!

We have already successfully launched two more online market projects.

Now you can also find us on the online market where you can search for variety of software – for passionate gamers and simply PC users on the best costs!

Meet our team

Meet our team of highly motivated specialists!